Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Learning Management System?

Great question! A learning management system (LMS) is a platform that houses, delivers, and tracks training programs and courses relevant to your business. It’s a great way to have a continued learning program within your company without having to do much heavy lifting on your end.

Can I upload GROW courses into my own learning management system?

Absolutely! GROW offers a few ways for you to purchase courses. You can purchase or license them separately and upload them into your own LMS in SCORM format.

Is GROW mobile-friendly?

Yes! GROW is 100% mobile-friendly. You and your team can access your GROW dashboard from any smart device.

What are “Global Resources”? 

Utilizing our resources feature allows you to get documents such as policies and procedures, benefit/enrollment forms, and training documents/videos to your learners in real time. Simply submit your request for an upload to your account manager or our help desk and your files will be uploaded as quickly as possible. Your resources can be organized in virtually any file/folder system you prefer. You may also restrict the availability of your resources to certain groups/employees.

Can GROW be used as a company intranet?

Yes!  Many clients utilize GROW as a companywide intranet.  GROW has the ability to create quick click buttons that direct to commonly used webpages such as payroll, CRM, or any other link you wish.  There is also a social messaging center in GROW which allows communication within the portal.  Personalize your experience by uploading a profile picture and make sure to upload your awards, designations and certificates to the External Training tile for proof of awesomeness!

Are we able to create custom courses with GROW?

GROW not only creates our own content for all clients to access, but we can also work with you to create custom courses from start to finish featuring your company logo and branding. These can be housed in GROW for only your company to access, or within your own outside LMS.

Is GROW able to track in-person led training?

Yes! We have a very unique calendar feature that allows you to schedule and track any in-person led training and/or webinars. You have the option to make this a mandatory course for your learners or allow self-enrollment, and send out an assessment or quiz upon completion.

How often are compliance courses, like Sexual Harassment updated?

While we are always on the watch for nationwide & state updates daily, we thoroughly review our compliance content and make any necessary updates quarterly to courses, handouts and quizzes if needed. If a change in the law happens sooner than our quarterly updates, those changes are made promptly.

Are we able to put our own content within GROW like the employee handbook, recorded trainings, forms, policies and procedures?

Yes!  These can easily be stored in GROW and we can even convert your trainings to an online course or place within a customized Growth Path.  Concerned that only certain people will need access – don’t sweat, we can place visibility rules on your documents making sure the proper employees have access.

How can clients utilize GROW to motivate employees?

There are a variety of ways to motivate learners with constant and continuous engagement and what better way to this than through GROW.  Personalize scrolling billboards by featuring a property or team of the month.  Utilize the Latest News tile to give kudos to a wonderful employee that went above and beyond.  Polls and Surveys are a fun way to allow learners to engage by voting on the Latest Topics.  Don’t forget, for each GROW course you complete, you are awarded 10 leaderboard points, see where you rank amongst your peers and with new courses being added all the time, the learning potential is endless!

What is the best way to track user engagement?

In GROW there are a variety of reports available to help you track your users progress and engagement. You can track everything from last logged in date to full curriculum reports for your whole organization on a regular basis.

Is there a way to keep users up to date with company news using GROW?

GROW is not just an LMS but can also function as an intranet for your organization. One of our most popular features is our Latest News tile, which lives on your company dashboard. This can include any updates you need along with a featured photo and an external link!

How easy is it to enter employees into the GROW system?

We have multiple options you can utilize to get your employees into the GROW system including CSV File upload, HR Integration and our quick manual option.